Transport of passengers to Vienna

Our company is mainly involved in the transport of passengers and parcels to Vienna from the area of ​​Malopolska and Silesia. Journeys take place after prior reservation telephone, SMS and e-mail. Just enter the departure date, address, phone number. On departure the driver confirms the reservation and the approximate time of receipt of the specified address. Short stops are held at the request of passengers. The ticket price is included luggage (2 bags). Provide for the safety of children's car seats. In the final stage of the journey, passengers are sprinkling the roads to the address indicated in the order specified, journey takes 4-7 hours.

night rides into Polish.

We run regularly from Monday to Sunday.
Additionaly, in the night from Sunday to Monday we take people to Poland between the hours of 23-24.

Transport grup zorganizowanych

Our offer includes transport groups in the Polish and other European countries. We work with individual clients, travel agencies, companies, institutions from the area of ​​Malopolska and Silesia. We guarantee a modern, safe cars, high standard of service and affordable prices.

We support:

  • tours
  • tourist trips
  • events
  • training and conferences
  • team building
  • Transportation Employee
  • individual orders


We offer safe carriage of cash, goods for such principles as the transport of persons. Prices are set individually depending on the type of shipment and the place of receipt.


Promotional ticket for children and youth under 12 years old: 100zł or 25€

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On time, safely
We provide transport services for the carriage of persons since 1993. The experience gained allows us to provide high quality transport. We have all the necessary licenses and permits for the transport of passengers by road.